Who we are

The world changes even when you blink. Maybe next time you open your eyes, you will see a completely different world. And if you're not one step ahead, you're a loser. We rely on the technology of the future to take risks. But we are sure that we do not lose.

We full-service video production team that concentrated on visual effects-heavy projects: commercials, short and feature films. We have experienced artists who can provide excellent services from 2d animation to stereo compositing.

We have own production department with 4K cinema camera. Our VR team creates 180/360 monoscopic and stereoscopic videos.

What We do?

Our expertise

Video Commercials

We providing a turn-key solution for creating video commercials. We are ready to help your team starting with scriptwriting, casting, and the rest of the production including VFX. We located in Kyiv, which means we have an excellent and cost-effective video production infrastructure.

Video post-production services

Our team starts as a post-production house, so VFX remains one of our priority areas. We offering a full range of services: matchmoving, object removal, chroma-keying, rotoscoping, 2D and 3D compositing and more.

VR 360/180 Video

Our team has huge experience in 360 video creation. Our 360 production department filming 360/180 monoscopic and stereoscopic video using our custom-developed rigs. As a full-service team, we also offer a VR color correction and Visual Effects for 360 videos.

Interactive Media

We experimenting a lot with interactive content, especially with interactive VR videos. We strongly believe that in a few years giving the user an ability to change a Storyline will a gamechanger.

Our Work

Recent Projects

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